Wear A Mask

Allyson Lin, Reporter

People are getting tired of the pandemic.  Even when the vaccine is available for everyone, we still must continue wearing our masks. Currently, there are a total of over 21,588,382 COVID-19 cases and 365,740 deaths, according to COVID-19 case tracker worldometer.

Masks are important and they are proven to make a difference. Unfortunately, they only work to the extent of the people who actually wear them. There are people out there that still don’t wear masks out of selfishness and/or for a political reason.

If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re obviously not the only one. If you think they offer no health benefits, you are clearly wrong. It is clear that Covid-19 has put a strain in our lives financially, psychologically, and emotionally. Around us, there are some of those people who think that wearing masks is a sign of weakness when it’s not. 

According to the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), masks can slow the spread of the virus and provide some protection to the people wearing masks. Using a mask to cover your face is not only to protect yourself, but it is to protect those around you.

If you still aren’t considering wearing a mask but are one of those people wanting the country to reopen because of economic reasons, then wear a mask. If every single American wears a mask, there are possibilities that it could reduce the number of cases to a level where locking down wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

Wearing a mask shouldn’t be for making a political point. It’s about saving lives and protecting others around you.  It’s a virus. It doesn’t care what political party you support. Covid-19 will find you with an exposed nose and mouth if you don’t wear a mask. When you don’t wear a mask and you say, “It’s a free country. I can do what I want!” it might make you seem like a selfish and ignorant human being.

Because what if, just what if; it backfires and all of sudden you’re fighting for your life, you put your family and friends in a position where they might not even be able to say a proper goodbye to you. You might not get the chance to hold them one last time in your arms because of the risk of contracting the virus and whisper one last “I love you” because you have a breathing tube down your throat.

Don’t make your loved ones go through that. Wear a mask. Be considerate of others. Yes, it may not be comfortable to wear, especially if you’re outside for long periods of time, but just think about other people. You may not get the virus, but you can pass to other people. Do you really want to be responsible for risking someone’s life if you don’t wear a mask?