Rise in Covid-19 Cases Leads CDC to Recommend Small Holiday Gatherings and Limited Travel

Caroline Glus and Lauren Cribbs

According to the CDC, over 1 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in the last week. With the holidays approaching, officials have recommended gathering with family members only in your household.

People living in your household can include family members, roommates, or anyone living in the same common place. Anyone living in a different housing unit as you such as grandparents, college students, or extended family can create a higher risk for spreading COVID-19, according to the CDC.

Regarding travel, many experts at the CDC have recommended quarantining 14 days before departure, in addition to 14 days once you have returned. Isolating before and after travel limits your exposure to Covid-19, as well as the people you have visited.

The CDC recommends a list of precautions to abide by while partaking in holiday gatherings. Some restrictions on this list include wearing a mask whenever possible, keeping a 6 foot distance between you and others, and keeping household surfaces sanitized. In addition to these common restrictions, the CDC also included a list of other helpful notes you may not have thought of. Some of the less common precautions include providing outdoor seating or touchless trash cans.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a change of plans is better than cancelling all together. Examples include sharing a meal together via Zoom, or dropping off meals to your loved ones homes. It is important for everyone’s mental health to stay connected during these difficult times.