Many SAT Testing Dates Cancelled at HHS, but Oct. 14 open to seniors

Jenna Reiber, Copy Editor

The College Board has cancelled a number of SAT dates at Hershey High School, but one date remains open: October 14, 2020.

The College Board published the SAT test for the 2020-2021 school year, with some being cancelled already at Hershey High School. The dates are October 3rd, October 14th, November 7th, December 5th, March 13th, May 8th, and June 5th.

While the October 3rd and December 5th tests have been cancelled at HHS, they still remain open at other testing locations. 

The only other dates that are available at HHS are on October 14th, March 13th and June 5th. The October 14 date is only open to HHS seniors as the test will be conducted during the normal school day.

The rest of the dates and locations can be found on the College Board website.