Kansas City Chiefs Celebrate Super Bowl Win with Parade

Lauren Cribbs, Reporter

The Super Bowl LIV Champions, Kansas City Chiefs, hosted their celebratory parade on February, 5, 2020. 

The American Football Conference (AFC) Champions, the Chiefs, and the Nation Football Conference (NFC) Champions, the 49ers, came head to head to battle for the Super Bowl title. Super Bowl LIV was hosted at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

After two playoff games being behind in double digits, the Chiefs were seen as a comeback team. During Super Bowl LIV the Chiefs were behind again, but this time, being in the 4th quarter, the team made it seem as though their season would be ending in a loss, but the Chiefs came through once again.   

Kansas City had already claimed a date for the celebration parade before the game was played, so fans already had an idea of when it would occur. After the Chiefs win, the date was still set but questions of a push back due to weather were put into consideration. In the end it was confirmed that the parade would be Wednesday, February, 5. 

Although the weather was not ideal, standing at 28 degrees and snow showers, fans still showed up. According to the Today Show, it is estimated that one million fans attended the parade. 

Chiefs fans started showing up as early as 4am along the parade route and in front of Union Station to recieve the best views.  

Players riding in double decker buses with “World Champion” plastered on the side made their way down the two mile route. The end of the parade simultaneously marked the start of the rally located at Union Station. The rally started at 1:30pm and lasted an hour. 

The parade was also broadcasted on television, and due to the cold weather, many fans decided to stay in and support from home. 

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce celebrate winning Super Bowl LIV in Kansas City on Wednesday, February, 5, 2020. The Chiefs have secured a total of two Super Bowl wins. (Broadcaster/Lauren Cribbs)