HHS Announces October Trojan Ten

Clare Canavan and Leah Koppenhaver

The Trojan Ten is a new reward program at Hershey High School where teachers nominate students each month for following the school’s “COCOA Principles.” 

The October Trojan Ten are: Joey Corado, Garrett Schulz, Jacob Drexler, Emme Corcoran, T’Kye Frazier, Riley Bemis, Manny Didia, Kaeden Brown, Julia Briselli, and Ethan Hoffman.   

“I’m honored that I was nominated for how hard I’ve been working to keep my grades up during my injury. It encourages me to keep working hard because I know my teachers are recognizing my efforts,” said Garrett Schulz.

Each winner of the Trojan Ten receives a certificate, water bottle, candy, cookie coupon for the Trojan Cafe, and breakfast on the last Friday of the month. The school faculty is trying to create a prize that is different from each month before. For the September prize, Dr. Grabuloff  bought unique flavored pickles.

Dr. Grabuloff, Mrs. Fisher, and Mr. Boggess came up with the idea of the Trojan Ten after they saw a need to honor community service and kindness in our school. 

“I cannot remember if there was an exact moment catalyst, but we all had a conversation about how there are awards for athletes and scholars. There was a need to display the amazing kids that contribute to the school atmosphere,” said Mr. Boggess.

On the third Wednesday of each month, an email is sent out to all of the teachers to nominate two students. So far, they have been receiving 40 to 50 submissions from teachers each month. From this list of students, they randomly select ten students. 

The overall goal for Trojan Ten is to create an environment where positivity rises above negativity. 

“We want being nice to people not to be weird or a chore. All you need to do is be a nice person; we want our students to sit with the outcasts and help each other,” said Boggess. 

Photos of the October Trojan Ten are displayed outside of the cafeteria and includes why they were nominated. These students were nominated by Hershey High School teachers who noticed they were positively impacting the school community. (Broadcaster/Leah Koppenhaver)