New Season for Garden Club

The Garden Club is one of Hershey High School’s newest clubs. As the spring season approaches, the members of the club are preparing for the harvesting and planting season.

Club leaders, seniors Luke Abel and Dylan Ioffreda, say they have lots of preparing to do to ensure that this season of Garden Club thrives. Abel, Ioffreda, and the rest of the club want to ensure that the garden will be better taken care of than last year; therefore, the club plans to be attentive and start preparing early for the season ahead. To start prepping, the members will remove old plants, turn the soil, and add new soil.  

Ioffreda said, “We are planning to start planting cold weather crops at the end of May and warm weather crops throughout the summer months.”

The Garden Club plans on planting the crops they have had since the club was founded, but they also plan on adding new crops this year. Ioffreda said, “we are trying to harvest new crops such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, raddish, cauliflower, arugula, and kale.”

The club leaders say that they are happy with the number of new members that decided to join the club this year. The new members range from freshman up to seniors.

A senior member of the club, Brendan Kerr, said that he is “more than excited for this year’s gardening season.” Kerr said that in this day and age, it is important to have students involved in helping the environment reach its full potential.

The leaders say that this spring is supposed to hold nice weather for the crops, so they are expecting a successful season.