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Behind the Fashion Choices of Hershey High School Teachers

Teachers Kimberly West and Christopher Boggess posing for a photo outside their classrooms. On this day, West and Boggess accidently wore similar outfits to school, but the outfits still matched their individual styles. (Broadcaster/Ashlyn Weidman)

Ashlyn Weidman, Social Media Editor

December 3, 2019

Hershey High School (HHS) requires teachers to dress in a professional and appropriate way, but that doesn’t stop them from having their own individual styles.  “Growing up I watched a lot of old movies with my mom and seeing womens fashion from the late 50s, 60s, and 70s really inspires a lot o...

HHS Shows Off Cool Winter Fashions

Freshman Scott Heng wears his black polo sweatshirt with the sleeves bunched up. Heng chooses neutral colored pants and shoes. (Broadcaster/Elaina Joyner)

Katie Jones and Elaina Joyner

February 22, 2018

With winter in full swing, HHS students bundle in their winter attire. The snow outside and the below freezing temperatures do not stop students from expressing themselves with different styles of shirts, boots, and other accessories. HHS Students Show Off Their Trendy Styles Students Wear ...

Winter Fashions

Winter Fashions

Elaina Joyner, Reporter

March 3, 2017

As the temperature decreases, the layers increase. Hershey High School showed off their unique fall fashions for 2016, but they are now bringing their “A” game for this winter's mix of weather. This year's winter temperatures have gone from being in the 50s to freezing cold teens, but HHS students ha...

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