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A 3-D MakerBot printer sits outside of the engineering classrooms. The printer can be used to create projects designed through computer-aided design. (HHS Broadcaster/Ashley Bu)

Growth of automation impacts skills needed for jobs

Ashley Bu, Science and Technology Editor November 11, 2022

According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor, certain occupations such as housekeepers and financial advisors could be replaced by automation. This growth of artificial intelligence could affect and...

Explainer: Will 5G cell service interfere with flights from Harrisburg International Airport?

Allie Balcomb, Social Media and Brand Manager January 27, 2022

Harrisburg was one of 50 airports in the U.S., and one of three in Pennsylvania, listed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where new 5G service has airlines working towards new procedures about...

James Webb Space Telescope set to launch December 25

Ashley Bu, Reporter January 3, 2022

NASA announced the James Webb Space Telescope will launch on December 25th of 2021.  The telescope will lift off from the French Guiana Space Center and will spend around 30 days progressing to the...

Tim Shea, 70, was a part of the numerous seniors who struggle to keep up with the price of housing in America. He has now become the first person to live in a 3D printed home. (ICON)

Homeless man becomes first inhabitant of 3D printed house

Ella Yurick , Reporter March 30, 2021

TheBroadcaster · Homeless man becomes first inhabitant of 3D printed house Tim Shea, a now-formerly homeless man from Texas, has become the first person to live in a 3D printed house.  The 400-square-foot...

Editorial: Self Driving Vehicles are the Future

Mallory Gillespie, Reporter December 4, 2019

Nearly 1.25 million people die each year in a completely preventable way.  Self driving vehicles can provide many health, safety, and societal benefits to roadway users. According to the Association...

Editorial: Concerning lack of women in STEM

Anna Callahan, Reporter May 29, 2019

In science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related jobs the amount of women is shockingly low. According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, in the US girls account for more...

Sophomore Catie Reilly studies math after signing into Flex Time Manager. Reilly thought the wifi was a big contributor to Flex Time Manager not working. (The Broadcaster/Ashlyn Weidman)

Despite early struggles, HHS has big plans for Flex Time Manager

Ashlyn Weidman, Reporter October 25, 2018

Many Hershey High School students have been more stressed than impressed with the new Flex Time Manager (FTM) system, but administrators said it will bring big opportunities to HHS students. Vice Principal...

Schools Continue to Increase Monitoring of Students’ Social Media

Abigail Lee, Reporter October 16, 2018

Schools throughout the country are beginning controversial practices, yet most people remain unaware that this is an issue. As technology usage develops both in and outside of the classroom, schools...

The iPads allow students to access any learning based sites they could want. The administration has expressed hope that the iPads can be used for multiple years. (Broadcaster/Alexis Moodie)

1-year in: 1-to-1 iPads positively impact students’ learning at HHS

Alexis Moodie, Layout Manager May 25, 2018

iPads were a new edition to the school curriculum this past year, but how much have they actually helped? Most students have mixed opinions about the iPads. They differ in their acceptance and presumed...

The Galaxy S9 and S9+, shown above, were revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The phones will retail at $720 and $840, respectively. (Samsung)

Samsung Reveals Galaxy S9, S9+

Alex Elchev, Science and Technology Editor March 14, 2018

The Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled the latest edition of their Galaxy smartphones at the Mobile World Congress on February 25, 2018. Samsung has chosen to focus on the camera for the latest edition...

AP Psychology teacher, Pete Steelman, reads the Myers’ Psychology for AP 2nd Edition textbook in his classroom on February 28, 2018. AP Psychology was a new course beginning in the 2016-17 school year.(The Broadcaster/Lynn Dang)

Textbooks, Computers, iPads Coexist in HHS Classrooms

Lynn Dang, Feature Writer March 13, 2018

Recent school-wide changes may seem sudden. In reality, they are planned years in advance. The rise of new classes is leading to different methods of learning. New curriculums are made to accommodate...

Intel, a multinational technology company, is under fire for a flaw discovered in the design of their microprocessor chips known as Meltdown and Spectre. Since the discovery, Intel has released software patches that can be installed to fix the problem. 
Morton Lin/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Computer Chip Problems Leave Millions of Computers Vulnerable

Anna Levin, Co-editor of Kiss & Tell January 24, 2018

A group of security experts have discovered two major flaws affecting the microprocessor, or brain, of nearly every computer. The flaws, labeled Meltdown and Spectre, were discovered on Wednesday,...

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