Rising Star Freshman Courtney Moodie Helps Field Hockey Team to Championship

Adrianna Malena, Reporter

When Hershey High School’s girls field hockey team won the state championship, only one freshman was there ready to help.

Hershey High School freshman Courtney Moodie was able to be this person for HHS, as they took the win in the state finals against Lower Dauphin.

Moodie has proved herself time and time again through her accomplishments in academics and sports. The academic aspect is in regards of her grades, the athletic side can be expressed in the fact that she has competed and participated in three different physically demanding sports.

In academics Moodie ensures that her grades stay up, while having to deal with being a student athlete as well. Balancing these two things can be a challenge for anyone, but she makes sure the student part comes first. This is evident in the fact that she said she has made honor roll each marking period this school year.

In addition to field hockey, Moodie also plays other sports. Moodie previously played soccer, but said she quit because it conflicted with the field hockey season.  While she does also play basketball for HHS, field hockey is her first love. “If I were to choose one,” said Moodie, “I would pick [field hockey] all day.”

No matter the sport, it can be said that Moodie has learned the value of hard work; however, her improvement throughout the season must be partly attributed to the coaches alongside her as well. The varsity coaches names being Coach Price, and Coach Brown.

To get a glimpse of Price’s accomplishments, she was recently voted high school coach of the year by TopOfTheCircle.com, a website dedicated to the statistics regarding lacrosse and field hockey since 1998. In addition, Coach Brown played at Syracuse, a Division I school, giving her immense experience.

However, whatever her accomplishments, the competitor in her has always strived to be better. Developing an aura of hard work and dedication around her character. An example of this would be in the fall when she began as a “swing” player on the field hockey team. In a way, through Moodie’s perspective this allowed her to aspire for even more throughout the season.

When postseason arrived, It could be said that she achieved her aspirations being that she was the only freshman selected to be on the team. Which was a big accomplishment considering how much talent the team had, included Moodie.

“Even though I didn’t physically contribute in the games, it was still cool to see and be apart of the whole process” said Moodie.

When asked on her emotions during this time Moodie simply said, “It was an honor that the coaches believed in me that much, and saw enough potential in me that I could succeed and compete at that level”.

Additionally, in order to get to this level, she took it upon herself to attend multiple camps at facilities such as Spooky Nook sports, to further her game. In other words, Moodie knew it would not be easy, as many things tend not to be.

To elaborate more in her role as a field hockey player, Moodie plays right forward. In this position she competes on the offensive side, where she gets the opportunity to score and pass. In other words, give assists to those who score.

As for her aspirations for the future, Moodie has made it clear that if she gets the opportunity to play in college she would take it without hesitation. Being that in her eyes that is what all this hard work is for.

“If I were to get the opportunity, I would love to play at a higher level. Also if I could choose this early I would say Maryland would be my dream school to attend on a scholarship,” said Moodie.

All in all it can be said that Moodie’s near future is bright, and full of multiple opportunities and successes that will further her career in a positive manner.

Moodie poses in the snow on February 11th, 2019. Picture taken during basketball season, which followed her experience with the state champion field hockey season. (Mary Cotter)