Editorial: Football Must be Banned in High Schools

Matthew McCurdy, Reporter

30 high school athletes died playing football between 2015 and 2017 from direct and indirect causes.

Football must be banned in high schools across America.

Football puts a lot a lot of stress on your body. It can cause severe injuries that may affect a player the rest of their career. Broken bones are especially common in football. They may never heal properly and can become more fragile as they are used. “Fractures account for one-quarter of all serious football injuries,” says Verywell Health. A broken bone can end a season or a whole year of sports for an athlete, depending on how serious it is.

Concussions are extremely common in football. “There are approximately 67,000 diagnosed concussions in high school football every year,” says Prevacus. A concussion can lead to serious CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in the brain. CTE may end a players football career and take them off the field for life. Football concussions also take time away from school. A player who is concussed can not attend school until it is healed. This may take seven to ten days. This time off of school effects the students learning and may cause them to fall behind. Concussions can lead to learning disabilities, and succeeding in school may become challenging for the student.

Brain damage is one of the most common injuries in high school football. A head injury can affect a player for the rest of their life, they may even end the players career. Brain injuries can be deadly, they may also put you in the hospital. “In September, a high school football player from Zebulon, Georgia, died two days after he lost consciousness during a football game at Pike County High School,.” said CNN.It only takes one concussion to end a players football career. If the hit is hard enough, the athlete may never be able to play sports again.

Football is extremely dangerous to young athletes and students. It can cause serious brain damage and may affect the athlete for the rest of their life. The damages from football may never fully heal in the athletes body and could lead to injury in the future. Football should be banned in all high schools to prevent death and brain trauma in high school athletes. You can contact state legislators such as Bryan Cutler and Frank Dermody, or your high schools superintendent and tell them that for the safety of our young men, high school football must be banned.