HHS’ Jonas Cream Wins Model UN Blue Speaker of the House

Claire Strucko, Reporter

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Hershey’s Youth and Government (YAG) attended the Model UN annual convention on April 13, 2019. HHS junior Jonas Cream won the honorable position of Blue Speaker of the House.

Cream has participated in YAG since he was in eighth grade and says that it has impacted his life and the way he views the government. Over the years, Cream has proposed bills and ran for different positions.

“When I started in eighth grade, I didn’t know how much of an impact this organization would have on me,” Cream says.

Cream emphasized the fact that the people he has met have become great friends and taught him more than he thought possible. He said that joining YAG has connected him with older people, such as seniors who have helped guide him through the club.

“It’s great to see the younger kids start the program because it reminds me how we all were when we started, we’ve all grown and the confidence we have gained through this program.”

Cream said when he first joined the program he was scared to speak in front of those who were both older and higher in the program than him. Additionally Cream said he is forever grateful for this program because of the endless amount of opportunities it has given him to experience new opportunities.

Cream’s roles include leading debates in the house of around 150 to 200 kids, organizing events for YAG, and advocating on behalf of the state YMCA.