Editorial: Colleges Should Not Require SAT Test Scores

Karen Liu, Reporter

Over 1,000 colleges have stopped requiring SAT test scores for admission according to HuffPost, an American news source. The SATs were originally created to standardize college admission procedures; however, many colleges are removing this qualification now. SAT test scores should not be required for college applications.

According to Hampshire College, a college that has eliminated the standardized testing requirement, they believed it was necessary to remove because it is biased against students of color. After they made the decision to omit SAT test scores from the admission process, the class diversity of Hampshire College increased by ten percent.

Since the removal of SAT test scores, Hampshire College focuses more on the other aspects of a student’s application such as their essays and in-person interviews. They do not have to worry about an applicant lowering their average SAT scores anymore.

Along with Hampshire College, The University of Chicago has also stopped requiring SAT test scores for all undergraduate applicants. The University of Chicago which ranks third in the nation became the first college in the top ten to abandon these test scores according to Axios, a news website.

In the past five years, many other Ivy League colleges have loosened their standardized testing requirements says Axios. Columbia University stopped requiring SAT test scores in 2016; they were the second Ivy League School to do so. Harvard University relaxed its requirements in 2014. If the tests cause any financial hardships, the students are not required to take the SATs.

SAT testing is a major traditional part of many college applications, so some colleges are unwilling to remove this process altogether. However, many colleges such as Harvard University are now making SAT testing optional in the application process according to PrepScholar, a college admissions consulting service. This way, students are allowed to decide whether they want to send their scores to colleges or not.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling(NACAC) conducted a study by looking at thousands of academic records of students says Voice of America, a federal government international broadcaster. The NACAC’s major finding was that students who opted not to send colleges their test scores performed better in college. Students were also more likely to complete their study programs within four years than the students who chose to submit test scores.

Colleges that have stopped requiring SAT test scores are now focusing more on Grade Point Average (GPA) which is the average of a student’s final grades according to The Stanford Daily, Stanford University’s independent newspaper. GPA is a more accurate representation of a student’s academic capabilities. SAT tests do not properly measure a student’s success.

Today, over 1,000 colleges and universities have eliminated standardized testing requirements said HuffPost. Search and contact schools today to show support in the removal of SAT requirements here.