Hershey Public Library hosts SPLAT

Emma Taylor, Reporter

The Hershey Public Library hosted SPLAT: A Family Art Studio for a Mother’s Day art project on May 5, 2019. Children ages 2-6 at 2 o’clock and children ages 6 and up at 3 o’clock. It is for anyone who wants to do it.

Meghan Winslow is the owner of SPLAT and said she likes the event at the Hershey Public Library. Mostly because  “We always look forward to this,” said Winslow “and so does everyone else.”

Every year the activity sells out, and this year was no exception. Additional seating was added because so many people signed up.

Winslow was a public school art teacher for 8 years. However, she left to be at home more often. “I resigned to become a full time mom of four boys.”

The SPLAT studio is in Annville, Pennsylvania. However, they are adding one on the east side of Hershey next to Duke’s the restaurant. Winslow said she was very happy to be adding a second location.

SPLAT offers many things to do like the Mother’s Day project including, camps during spring, fall and winter as well as parties.

With a new place opening, SPLAT is growing to become more. The Mother’s Day project was successful and they will be invited back next year for the 11th year.