Then and Now with Anna Rogers

Elena Joyner, Reporter

Anna Rodgers lived in Arizona for 11 years until she moved to Hershey on July 19, 2017. She was only in eighth grade when she moved to Hershey.  Her family decided to move to change it up and live in a new place.

“This photo makes me feel happy because I met my best friend from Arizona that day,” said Rodgers.

Her favorite memory from living in Arizona is when all of her friends would have a sleepover and would go swimming at three in the morning. They would also order pizza and have a good time together.

“Sometimes I miss Arizona and the warm weather but I like it here,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers is going back to Scottsdale over Christmas break to visit where she used to live.

Rodgers now plays lacrosse and does dance at Hershey. She started dance two years before she moved and does ballet, jazz, and contemporary. She also will be playing lacrosse for the high school and started the year she moved to Hershey.

Rodgers also loves going the football games on friday nights and spending it with her close friends.