HHS sophomore supports “Kick-It for Cancer” Campaign

Kate Clark, Reporter

Fundraisers, bake sales, and car washes are always a part of bringing a community together when it comes to supporting one another.

HHS sophomore, Joey Corado, has found a new way to not only bring his community together, but also to help conquer the worldwide epidemic known as cancer.

Many were personally affected by the passing of a student taken by cancer two years ago and they wanted to do more. The Hershey community is working together to raise awareness and plans to send their donations towards families affected. In order to help do this, Corado has brought the Kick-It for Cancer Campaign to everyone’s attention.

The Kick-It for Cancer Campaign is apart of Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation that supports awareness and raises donations towards childhood cancer research. Becoming a national volunteer effort, the HHS football team is helping Corado raise money and spread the word.

The sophomore first learned about this foundation when he attended a National Scholarship Camp associated with Kohl’s Kicking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Introducing the foundation to the participants at the camp, all players now knew about this world wide campaign.

Becoming inspired by a middle school student who lost his life to cancer several years ago, Corado realized that he had to help the community in every way possible.

“I’ve always felt the need to help out people when they need it the most. I saw our community in despair because of what happened and I knew something had to be done,” said Corado.

As soon as the season took off, Corado had already launched the idea in his own community, making this foundation known in his friends, family, and his team. Corado created his own website to share his ideas and his goals throughout the season.

Also shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, word spread quickly to the Hershey community about this life-saving foundation.

On August 17, the HHS football team broadcasted it during “Meet the Trojans Night,” a school sporting event introducing all of the Fall sport athletes for the 2018-19 season.

Corado and the Trojans football team not only broadcasted the foundation to the school, but they have also made a special pledge for the donations that will be going towards cancer research. For every point scored at a game by a team player, those who visit the website can donate one dollar when Hershey gains a point during the season.

Corado says they have already surpassed their goal of 150 points, but he still hopes to gain more donations for the last several games of the season.

Corado’s goal is to raise money to help further research and become one step closer to finding a cure. He also wants to keep supporting this campaign not only for his sophomore year but also for the rest of his high school career.

By carrying out this campaign and supporting it for the years the come, Corado wants to increase his goal and set more challenges to motivate his team and community.

Corado says that the best ways to get involved are by donating on the website and also spreading the word through social media.

“By spreading the word and making this foundation known, there is more hope in finding a cure,” said Corado.

If you wish to donate and participate in Corado’s pledge, you can visit the website at Alex’s Lemonade Stand.