Why Women, Minorities, and Republicans Should Not Vote Perry

Brooke Daniels, Editor In Chief

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Scott Perry is running for U.S. Congress, and should not be elected by any Pennsylvanians. Perry valiantly defends gun laws, desires heightened taxes for the middle-class, and the expansion of “jobs” for “all of America.” Pennsylvanians who support Perry must consider, and then reconsider their list for what makes a good candidate for office. And, the qualifications for the reelection for Perry is devastatingly small. This includes minor political experience and expertise, centered at only the representative level, and not the congressional level. This fact coupled with his detrimental platform makes him the wrong candidate for office to represent PA.

Except,  Perry’s argument that he will create more jobs for Americans only applies to those in manufacturing. The glory days of manufacturing were the 1970s. Back then, over 19.5 million Americans earned their paycheck from factory work. It’s been a fairly steady decline ever since. Today only 12.4 million workers remain in the industry, according to the CBS News. Not only are these jobs that Americans don’t want, but they are jobs American teenagers, aren’t pursuing. This is not what our technological, forward-thinking individuals in Pennsylvania want to return to. In fact, a miniscule 10% of Pennsylvanians are involved in manufacturing, making Perry the wrong representative to represent the vast majority of PA. And even more shocking, in the PA 10th Congressional district, a tiny 7,328 industrial employees make a living, according to Industry, PA.

With the lax tax laws that Perry proposes as necessary for all of America to remain “patriotic,” produce far more repercussions than benefits (if any). Trump’s recent tax cut which on its face was proposed to reduce taxes for Americans did hurting to the Dow Jones Industrial Average consistently and causing the Federal Reserve to spike interest rates, to an all time high. Perry voted to enact the tax cut; to nudge middle-class America more into spiraling economic pitfalls and immense debt. This choice is severely detrimental to Pennsylvanians who already experience a pretty great tax rate of 6%, now, under the new tax law, the rate can be as high as 8% total, according to Avalara.

Perry promises to loosen gun laws so that individuals can more “properly defend themselves” as stated on his campaign website.  Stronger gun laws are linked to lower crime rates, fewer suicides, and less mass shootings, according to the New York Times. Perry’s ideas are dangerous and will lead to more PA residents dying needlessly.

Pennsylvanian’s don’t want or need Scott Perry to represent them in Congress, where he would have power to disrupt our governmental balance and make decisions regarding the people of PA. Residents in PA should vote for George Scott, the democratic opponent to Perry. George Scott represents Pennsylvania’s values from more restrictive gun laws, to free Healthcare and access to medical services for women. These ideas and laws that would come in tandem with Scott in Congress would be what America not only wants, but needs.