Deadpool 2 brings laughs and gore to big screen

Sam Allery and Jack Goulet

The poster for Deadpool 2 shows how action-packed the movie is. The film received an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, a similar rating to its predecessor. (20th Century Fox)

The merc with a mouth is back and better than ever.

Deadpool made a huge splash in 2016 becoming the number one R-rated movie of all-time, and the sequel was able to pull off a rare feat: be as good as the original. Deadpool 2 brought more humor, enjoyable characters, and violence than its predecessor, as well as expanding the already huge X-men franchise.

As in the first film, Deadpool brought several pop culture references and jokes to his film. Everything from Frozen to David Bowie was referenced in the blockbuster sequel. This is no surprise because of Deadpool’s nature in the comics. Deadpool’s defining quality is his constant sarcastic quipping, and the movies’ ability to uphold this is a major reason why they’re successful with fans of the comic.

Ryan Reynolds brings the same enthusiasm he brought to the first movie in this film. Reynolds shines as the titular character by bringing the same comedic genius to this movie as he does in all of his roles.

Newcomer Julian Dennison gives a great performance as Firefist. Dennison later told Jimmy Kimmel he could not see his own movie because of its R rating. The 15-year-old Australian has an interesting dynamic with Reynolds’ always-on Wade Wilson, as the two provide enough drama and comedy to carry the story without much flaw.

With brief cameos from Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, some plot twists, and, yes, sad moments, Deadpool 2 brought out the best the character has to offer.

The movie’s mid-credits scene is one of the best of all time, and Reynolds’ self-deprecation is greatly appreciated by audience members who also disliked his previous roles (Yes, Green Lantern, we’re looking at you).

With a huge first weekend, grossing roughly $311 million worldwide, Deadpool 2 beat Infinity War based on numbers.

If you’re looking for a more fun time and entertaining story, Deadpool 2 is a better bang for your buck movie. The numbers don’t lie.

Deadpool 2’s success opens the door for even more sequels for this franchise. The movie establishes the X-force, a darker version of the X-men, and this team already has a group movie in the future. As for the Deadpool franchise, Ryan Reynold recently said he doesn’t know whether Deadpool 3 will ever happen.

While Deadpool 2 is one of the top movies of the year, it’s certainly not for everyone. Deadpool uses near constant profanities throughout the movie, and his victims die in rather bloody fashion. Like with the original, parents are advised to be careful about letting their children see this movie.

Deadpool 2 is currently showing in theaters worldwide.