Nike Debuts “Nike Unlaced” For Women

Molly Glus, Lifestyle Section Editor

The sneaker industry is spreading its wings.

On February 27, Nike announced on their website that they will be beginning a new project called Nike Unlaced, which, according to Teen Vogue, will be a “sneaker destination created specifically for women.” The project will be released in Summer 2018, and Nike has given the world the inside scoop as to what is to come.

The creation of Nike Unlaced allows for women to have a “unique retail experience.”  According to Nike, the creation was inspired by a concept that follows the new Nike Europe concept that allows “distinction for women through product styling and local curators.” Local Nike creations will reportedly be inspired by influential stylists from cities such as New York, Paris, and London. The program will appear both online and in regular stores.

According to Nike, one of the many ways the new program will benefit women is by increasing the sizes they have in stock for their most popular shoes. Nike reports that the issue was brought to their attention by many frustrated customers who could not add the exclusive “re-sell” shoes to their closets due to sizing restrictions, which has been dominated by men. Now, Nike will give women everywhere access to the company’s classic Jordan’s and celebrity collaborations, including the upcoming releases from Virgil Abloh and Nike The TEN.

Additionally, Nike stated that the program will allow women to various exclusive services, such as the opportunity to be personally styled, and their selections will be given in specialized packaging. The VIP services are designed in order to increase connectivity between women and give them a broader access to sneakers.

On top of the new program exclusively for females, Nike acknowledged their platforms have been primarily taken by males, but announced they will be integrating more female collaborators into their sneaker scene. Nike is pushing to change the “sneaker status quo,” according to Nike.

These projects define the future state of footwear for women,” according to a Nike press release, “An increase in female representation is poised to manifest new ideas not just for women but all sneaker enthusiasts.”

Vintage-inspired Jordans are pictured in various vibrant colors. With women calling for change in the sneaker industry, Nike is working to collaborate with a number of celebrities to give women the chance of buying the vintage-inspired Jordans. (Nike)