Thirteen Reasons Why Star Nominated for Golden Globe

Molly Glus, Lifestyle Editor

The social media world was both stunned and offended by Katherine Langford’s performance, and now she is getting a Golden Globe nomination for it.

Katherine Langford, the actress who plays Hannah Baker in the hit Netflix television show Thirteen Reasons Why, has received a nomination for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Drama.” Langford was nominated along with Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe, The Deuce’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Crown’s Claire Foy, and The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elizabeth Moss.

The Netflix show aired in March and became the most tweeted about show of 2017 for many reasons. Entertainment Weekly reports that it had to do with Langford’s powerful performance depicting the struggles of mental illness. While there was immense praise following the show’s immediate release, her award nomination has also seen controversy.

Critics went to social media to stress the show for having “unnecessary” depictions of mental illness. According to reports from Teen Vogue, people have been pointing out the show’s purpose was to raise awareness on such a serious topic, but the series does not deserve an award for such an inaccurate portrayal.

Despite the backlash, Selena Gomez, co-producer of Thirteen Reasons Why, praised Langford on social media following the news.

“You endured this character with such strength and softness,” Gomez shared on her Instagram.

Despite Langford seeing such resentment for her nomination, the Golden Globe nominations as a whole have been nothing short of critiqued. Teen Vogue reports that the criticism of Langford was partially spurred by the overall lack of diversity in the nominations as a whole. Many noted that all of the nominees for best actress, comedy and drama, are white. Additionally, the nominations for best director were all men.

Nonetheless, Langford was astoundingly positive following the nomination.

“Words cannot express my sheer excitement and gratitude for being nominated. I’m forever grateful to have been given this opportunity and will continue to work hard to bring dignity, respect, and grace to such a powerful character,” said Langford.

Langford will continue the role of Hannah Baker in season two. There is no news as to a release date.

Selena Gomez and Katherine Langford at a Thirteen Reasons Why event. Gomez posted this photo via her Instagram following Langford’s nomination. (Selena Gomez)