Zendaya creates a gender-neutral clothing line

Molly Glus, Section Editor

Zendaya featured on the cover of Glamour Magazine belief for women’s rights. Zendaya has also recently become part of the Ivory Ella campaign to stop harm to elephants. (Zendaya’s Instagram)

She has conquered show business. She has conquered makeup. Now, she is ready to conquer fashion – in a different way.

Zendaya, who became famous on the hit Disney television shows Shake it Up and K.C Undercover, has been working diligently from a young age. The actress has also been involved in the music industry with her self-titled music album and appeared in music videos for Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars.

Now, with her 45.3 million followers on Instagram and 11 million followers on Twitter, Zendaya has been expressing herself and her views on social media. Her platform to create such great change allowed her to speak out on gun control, anxiety, and racism. She is now using it to gain exposure for her fashion line, Daya x Zendaya, a unisex fashion line.

“I’ve said it a million times, but I’d rather be known for the active change I’ve made than for what my name stands for,” Zendaya said to Instyle.

According to Instyle, Zendaya wanted to use her platform to raise awareness for the lack of unisex clothing in the industry. The gender non-specific line features various clothing and accessories. Zendaya views this as the future of fashion.

“I just felt that if I’m going to do a clothing line, that’s the only way I see it being done,” said Zendaya.

The line was codesigned with her long time friend and stylist, Law Roach. Instyle reports that Roach is one of the reasons for Zendaya’s iconic and unique sense of style. Additionally, based on reports from Glamour, Zendaya shares that she gives a lot of her credit to her parents for allowing her to express herself in whatever gender of clothing and style she would like.

“Nine times out of 10 I was shopping in the boys section. I wore cargo shorts and hoodies. That was my uniform,” said Zendaya.

Zendaya’s decision to embrace her own beauty and style became inspiration for others everywhere. Instyle explains that is what Zendaya hopes the line will create for others.

“We should stop living by the definitions that other people give us and live our own. That’s what fashion has allowed me to do. The only opinion that should matter when you look in the mirror is your own,” said Zendaya.

The line is currently released, and can be shopped online at dayabyzendaya.com.