Artist Kay Customz Creates Doll with Vitiligo

Olivia Bratton, Copy Editor

A new doll is shaking up the world of beauty and giving the children with Vitiligo the feeling of being included.

The beauty industry is in the process of raising awareness and celebrating diversity. The artist, Kay Black, also known as Kay Customz, has attributed by creating unique dolls with Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation condition.

Kay Customz’s post revealing her new Vitiligo Doll. She announced this doll and her company’s anniversary on Sept. 15. (Credit to Kay Customz via Instagram)

Black is well known for being an intricate earring and doll maker who puts her own spin on beautiful ethnic designs.

Black said that she believes that dolls can influence how kids see themselves, according to an article from  Cluebees. In most cases, it also influences how they see others and how they define beauty; therefore, she designed and now sells these dolls to establish a more positive image of pigmentation illnesses.

Vitiligo is a non life-threatening skin condition that causes patchy depigmentation of the skin, according to Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, it can strongly impact a person’s self esteem.

Sources from Cluebees who have suffered from this condition say these dolls are an incredible way to boost confidence and celebrate the beauty and diversity of their skin. Instead of hiding Vitiligo, it is important for the media to continue to embrace the unique look.

An inspiration to the world of beauty, Winnie Harlow, is a Canadian model who has recently brought Vitiligo into the spotlight. She was discovered on America’s Next Top Model in 2014 and has continued to make a difference in the industry. Harlow never let her condition stand in the way of her dreams, and these dolls can inspire children to do the same.

“I loved myself. And with that, opportunities started to fall in my lap and I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself,” said Harlow.