Trends Then and Now

Sofia Suri, Reporter

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History is not the only thing that repeats itself.

It’s fashion. Trends then and now come and go, but only a few come back decade after decade. Some of the top trends from the 90s have come back during the 2016-2017 year. The most popular trends that have made a comeback are the denim jacket, Doc Martens, flannels, crop tops, velvet clothing, floral skater dresses, and choker necklaces.

Although not all Hershey High School girls follow these trends, out of sixty girls surveyed,  60% of them wear chokers, 80% wear flannels, and 65% wear velvet clothing. According to the survey, the top three trends among girls at HHS are chokers, flannels, and velvet clothing.

Cosmopolitan magazine agreed, saying “Chokers are so hot right now.” Celebrities are currently replicating some of their favorite choker looks from the 90s on the red carpet. In addition to seeing the choker trend all over the red carpet, it is also very prominent at HHS. Chokers are being worn with all different styles; they are being dressed up and dressed down. According to Pop Sugar fashion blog, the choker has made a huge comeback because, “it’s delicate, it’s different, and it adds a little bit of an edgy vibe to even the simplest of looks.”

Flannels are also a favorite of HHS girls. According to College Fashion blog, “Flannels are a little rustic, a little soft in the sleeves, and packed with easy-to-throw-on comfort, flannels are the epitome of casual yet cute attire.” At HHS, flannels are being worn on a daily basis and are usually paired with blue or black denim which is similar to style in the 90s.

Emily Liesch, Sophomore at HHS, wore a black choker to school. She is wearing the choker with a tan v-neck sweater. (The Broadcaster/ Sofia Suri)

Even though velvet clothing is not seen as much as chokers and flannels, it’s a great fabric and statement piece to have in your closet, according to “If you ever feel your style needs something a little more luxurious, this trend is seriously screaming your name. This autumnal and winter fashion fabric is not only classy and lavish but has a delicate hint of cool too.” To some people, velvet is seen as a very luxurious way of dressing, and at HHS many people wear velvet clothing to dress up. stated, “I guess it’s time to accept the inevitable: fashion is recycled and history will repeat itself.”