Food Review: First Watch

Janet Jenkins, Reporter

Looking for the feeling of summer weather in a dish? Look no further than the comforting flavors of First Watch located on Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, Pennsylvania. For those looking for many options to enjoy featuring hearty eggs or juicy sausages, First Watch has something for all. Have a picky eater? The many juice options are sure to satisfy any craving. First watch has locations throughout Pennsylvania and the United States leading to many fans flocking to the establishment to get their favorite treat.

The ambiance is something out of a rustic farmhouse, with wooden chairs and tables and friendly waiters that fill up water glasses before you even get to the halfway mark. 

Want to know what to try on the menu? A fan favorite is the lemon ricotta pancakes, a stack of golden delicious vanilla pancakes topped with lemon meringue. They offer a drink special, the Purple Haze drink, a delightful lemonade mixed with butterfly pea flower tea with a hint of lavender to refresh your needs. If your vegetarian friends are hesitant, they offer many options like the veggie omelet. 

If you’re not a coffee drinker, people cannot say enough good things about their decaf. Tea options are also abundant and they offer unlimited refills.

Need something in a hurry? First Watch happily offers to-go and delivery orders, which means you can enjoy the restaurant even when you only have a few minutes. I took advantage of the delivery options when first moving to Hershey, Pennsylvania last year, ordering a veggie omelet with a side of potatoes. Within 30 minutes, my food was delivered fresh to my door. It had all of the movers envious that they were not enjoying this delectable breakfast with me. The entire delivery experience was contactless and I got a message as soon as it was dropped off. The next day, when back at the house with family members, I again opted to use the delivery option, this time deciding to try juice. The juice arrived still cold and not a drop out of place. A refreshing treat on a warm day. 

The prices are easy on the wallet with a typical meal costing about $15 per person. There is enough variety on the menu so you can come back every day and try something new. This restaurant is popular with the high school crowd.

We recommend calling on the weekends to place yourself on the waiting list as it can get busy.  The First Watch app lets you easily put yourself on a virtual waiting list. Once you get to the restaurant the app will hold your place in line.

First Watch earns a 10 out of 10.