Movie Review: We Have a Ghost

Janet Jenkins, Reporter

We Have a Ghost directed by Christopher Landon is a PG-13 movie that young adults won’t be embarrassed to watch by themselves. Filled with humor, suspense, and a lot of recognizable characters, this movie will have you hooked from the first scene. 

Grab a bowl of popcorn or your favorite food and prepare to enjoy a movie from start to finish where you won’t wanna take any breaks. What at first appears to be just a cheeky comedy actually turns out to be so much more when we discover Kevin Presley, played by Jahi Di’Allo Winston, and his difficult relationship with his father.

A coming of age story, the movie shows the protagonist dealing with family dynamics that the audience will find relatable. Kevin‘s father, Frank Presley, played by Anthony Mackie, constantly tries to pressure his son into liking his own interests, paying no attention to Kevin‘s own interests. He does not understand why Kevin likes certain music and he also does not understand why Kevin sometimes wants to spend time alone. We first meet Kevin when his family purchases a home that leaves a lot to be desired. Kevin clearly does not get along with the rest of his family, especially his father and his older brother, Fulton Presley, played by Niles Fitch. His mother, Judy Romano, played by Jennifer Coolidge, constantly tries to alleviate the rift between the family but she does not succeed. We do not see even a hint of a smile from Kevin until he meets the friendly ghost, Ernest, played by David Harbour. Ernest and Kevin develop a wonderful friendship that leaves the audience feeling envious they don’t have a ghost companion of their own. When Frank finds out about Ernest, he decides to take advantage of his son’s close relationship with him and leverage it for social media fame. His quick rise to fame ends up creating even more of a tension between him, and his son, especially when the CIA, led by Dr. Leslie Monroe, played by Tig Notaro, becomes aware of the ghost, leading to a chase that leaves Kevin in tears. The rest of the movie explores the attempts of Kevin and his friend Joy, played by Isabella Russo, to not only save Earnest, but also save their family from completely tearing apart.

Ernest is played by a familiar favorite, David Harbor, who viewers might recognize from the popular show Stranger Things. Yet again, Harbor finds himself in a supernatural show, and his ability to shine with the interesting premise comes through in this movie, just as in the show. His acting ability is demonstrated even more in this movie due to the fact that he does not say one word until the last minutes of the movie. Yes that is right, he is only on screen to make facial expressions or exaggerator gestures. Through use of facial expressions and shrugging, Ernest encourages Kevin to help him find out why he is still alive and unable to pass on from this lifetime. Kevin Ernest and Joy embark on a mission to discover who killed Ernest and what can be done so he can pass peacefully.

If you are at home on a Friday night with family, or even if you are at home alone, do not hesitate to watch this feel good movie. It will make you thankful for your relationship with your family, but also feeling a little sad that you don’t have a ghost friend of your own.

Rating: 10/10