Hershey Park debuts The Wild Cats Revenge

Teagan Delves, Reporter

Since its opening in 1906, Hershey Park has always made it its mission to keep developing its parks in order to keep visitors happy. Over the years it has evolved from petting zoos to roller coasters that reach up to a height of 210 feet. This summer they have decided to revamp a beloved ride we all know and love, The Wild Cat.

Originally built for $50,000, The Wild Cat was the first roller coaster to be built at Hershey Park. The Wild Cat was a fan favorite for many many years, so much so they had to take it down and rebuilt it multiple times in order to work better for the park. Even those this was a beloved ride, as times change, rides and amusements parks must evolve with it.

Hershey Park is in the midst of its construction of the old but new coaster The Wild Cats Revenge. This new design of the ride was launched in November 2022. With record breaking additions this ride is bound to attract thrill seekers from all over. 

This ride is going to be a hybrid coaster. This means the new metal tracks are being built right over the original wood from the original ride. This hybrid ride will reach max speeds of 62 MPH. It also includes a 140 ft drop, this massive drop will be at a whopping 82-degree angle. The newest addition will be the four inverts including the worlds largest under flip.

The construction of this build started way back in the winter. The Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) will be constructing and manufacturing its first hybrid coaster. When completed it will make the park have 15 roller coasters, making Hersheypark having the most in the North East.

Many people were sad to see the original Wild Cat be revamped. First built in June of 1923, it was the first roller coaster constructed in hershey park. Originally named The Joy Ride, the ride was constructed for the 20th anniversary of the town of Hershey. Milton Hershey loved to keep things fresh and new for new tourists and the people of the town as well.

This new ride will attract a lot of new tourists. Not only is it a new version of a ride people already love, but it is a bigger and better version that some people have never seen before. This new hybrid style of roller coaster might be seen more around if this one attracts a lot of attention.

Perfectly timed for summer, The Wild Cats revenge will be the first new addition to the park since 2020’s CandyMonium. Not far behind in length, The Wild Cats revenge is a longer ride allowing riders to enjoy a greater amount of time on the coaster.