Summer Travel Tips: Best Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling This Summer

Cianna Stager, Reporter

In previous summers, 47% of people have been unprepared for their trips and vacations, according to ValuePenguin.

When traveling, it is crucial to stay alert of your surroundings, and know what you’re arranging.

The first thing to do when thinking about traveling is to research your destination. Before making an official date, research to learn about any safety concerns in the area. Laws may be different depending on where you are traveling, so make sure you are knowledgeable about new rules. 

Make sure you are also always aware of the weather and business. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, and most importantly take the safe route in uncomfortable situations.

Always have emergency information handy. Make sure you keep important contacts and local emergency services. Pack safety and med kits wherever you go.

Stay in touch with people back home, and let them know about your travel plans and how to contact you in case of emergency. 

Something to look out for this summer is the unexpected calling for more heat than normal. Luckily, there are many ways to prepare.

With this summer being more harsh in heat, UV rays may be stronger and more harmful. Bringing a bottle of sunscreen is more important than you’d remember.

Something to look out for this summer is expired sunscreen. When sunscreen expires, the ingredients can break down and lose their SPF protection. Not only will expired sunscreen be useless, but it can also be more harmful. It may be prone to causing skin irritation and burns. 

Another way to protect yourself from the sun is by taking vitamin C. It is very important for the skin’s health when exposed to the sun. 

Other protective items are crucial towards traveling. This includes travel documents and insurance policy. Keep a copy of these important documents with you, and make sure your real ones are safe back at home. 

Entertainment is necessary in the process of traveling as well, so keeping a book or music will pass the moving time quicker. 

It’s also important that you are more than aware of your expenses this summer. With inflation rocketing these past couple of years, the costs of vacation foods and items may be unpredictable. Bring more than you need, and also a backup payment method in case of emergency. 

The last thing to consider when traveling is the weight and size restrictions of your luggage when packing, especially on the way home. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure you are aware by checking your airlines baggage policies to avoid unwanted surprises through security or at the airport. 

To sum up, being aware of the essentials and staying cautious when traveling will help ensure an enjoyable and safe trip.