Spanish Honors Society Holds a Bracelet Sale to Support Free Trade

Mythili Pai, Reporter

This year, the Spanish National Honor Society (NHS) is holding a bracelet sale from April 12th-21st. All the proceeds will go to the Pulsera Project.

The Pulsera Project sells art at schools throughout the country and uses the profits to support artists in Central American countries, primarily Nicaragua, to help free trade.

HHS Spanish teacher Megan MacNicol leads the Spanish NHS.  “[The Pulsera Project] employs Central American artists where there isn’t a large market with well-paying jobs providing them with a better quality of living,” said MacNicol. 

Not only does it raise money for a good cause, but it also helps students connect themes they learn in class with real life examples. It gives them a chance to learn about the realities of life in Latin America while also letting them embrace different cultural aspects. 

The Spanish NHS would like to do it again as it connects well to what they are learning in Spanish three and four.

 “We can see how the students use their application skills,” said MacNicol.

Hershey High School last did this sale before COVID-19 during the 2018-2019 school year, and students are excited to bring it back almost four years later.