5 Ways to Improve Time Management

Ava Sheppard, Senior Layout Designer

Time management can often be difficult to master and not doing it well can lead to a whole host of problems like poor grades, bad work reviews, and failing friendships.  So we have put together five strategies for nailing time management.

  1. Tackle Your Most Difficult Task First 


Completing the most difficult task on your to-do list can feel like a weight is being lifted off your chest. At times finishing the first task can make you determined to complete everything for your busy schedule.

      2) Set a 30 Minute Uninterrupted Timer 

(Ryan Mcguire/Pixabay)

If you hold yourself accountable for 30 minutes without any interruptions you’re more likely to stay on track and finish the task faster.

     3) Stick To a Daily Schedule 


Falling into a daily routine is very important when trying to improve your time management skills. You become normalized to getting work done everyday rather than waiting till the last minute.

     4) Set Daily Reminders 


Giving yourself a reminder to complete certain tasks will help you remember what you have to do, and when you should start doing it to get everything done in a timely manner. These can be made on reminder apps or done with sticky notes that are placed in commonly viewed spaces. 

     5) Block out Distractions


If you limit distractions you are more likely to complete what you’re working on in one sitting rather than being disturbed. Ways to block distractions out include turning your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” getting comfortable before starting, and creating visual reminders.