Matt Dalkiewicz, Versatile Athlete and Team Player


Matt Dalkiewicz passes the puck against Central Dauphin’s hockey team. The final score of the game was 3-2 Central Dauphin. (Broadcaster/Joey Oswley)

Tahaani Khan, Reporter

Matthew Dalkiewicz has played hockey for eight years. His love for it has grown with him, and he’s excited for what opportunities he’ll have in the future.

Dalkiewicz is a sophomore at Hershey High School, and a varsity starter for Hershey hockey. He moved from Washington DC to Hershey during middle school and has lived here since.

Dalkiewicz said, “three words I would use to describe myself are motivated, confident, and cocky.”

When he was eight years old, he started playing hockey after he saw it on TV and thought it looked cool. He asked his dad to teach him how to skate and has loved the ice since. Dalkiewicz plays defense for Hershey High School and Palmyra Black Knights.

“I used to be the worst on my team my first year playing hockey, but now I play on all the better teams and start,” Dalkiewicz said. “I’ve gotten a lot better with not only my skating and confidence but also intelligence.”

He may be good at hockey, but it’s not the only sport he plays. Dalkiewicz started playing lacrosse in middle school because all of his friends played; however, he said that he would prioritize hockey over lacrosse because lacrosse is more just for fun than something that he would want to pursue.

“One of my biggest struggles in hockey and in general is confidence. It’s hard to always stay confident on the ice and it’s easy to get in your own head,” Dalkiewicz said.

Dalkewicz used to let the things people said get to him, but as he got better, he blocked it all out. His favorite part about himself is his ability to not let what other people say get to him.

He looks up to his uncle because he played in the NBA and hopes to follow in his footsteps. 

He has a close relationship with his dad who has always supported him, been there for him, and talked with him about anything and everything. Their relationship has helped Dalkiewicz come a long way because he wants to continue his hockey career into college and hopes to go pro. 

He’s grown a lot as not only a player, but also a teammate. 

Tucker Valoczki, one of Dalkiewicz’s teammates, joked that Dalkiewicz is big idiot, but went on to describe him as someone who knows what he’s doing on the ice, and a really funny guy. 

His Palmyra Black Knights teammate, Ben Smith, has played hockey with him for four years. Smith said Dalkiewicz is always bringing energy to the team and motivating them to do better. Dalkiewicz thinks brotherhood is a very important part to a team, which is why he strives to lift his teammates up. 

“Hockey has taught me so much and I’m so thankful for all the memories I’ve made,” said Dalkiewicz. “I’m excited for the future and what it will bring.”