Mini-THON Starts a New Event for the Elementary School

Mythili Pai, reporter

This year HHS Mini Thon is hosting a new event: Mini-Mini Thon which will take place on Friday, February 24th at the elementary school which will include the ECC students.

This idea is dedicated to exposing elementary schoolers to the concept of Mini-thon which takes place at the middle school and high school levels to reduce confusion of students when they enter the program in middle school. 

HHS Mini-THON organizer Khadijah Riarh said the event will introduce the younger generation to the mission of the program. “It’s mainly to connect the little kids to the event, and teach them more about the concepts.” 

 “We are planning on having videos that teach them the main dance as well as videos with the high schoolers participating,” she continued on, “there will also be games and coloring activities to keep them engaged.” Last year the highschool had obstacle courses, slider carts, games, dog petting and other activities which they are trying to introduce to the younger grades.  

Mini-THON has been a prominent part of Hershey High School’s past and is continuing to make an impact in the near future. Just last year the club raised more than $38,000 through fundraisers and donors. 

“The event’s a little under a month away, so we are just at the planning stage,” said Riarh, “We are excited to see how it will go as time goes on.”

This year Mini-thon is trying to raise more than they did last year at the highschool. Mini-thon is scheduled to take place on March 10th and as the date approaches more people are encouraged to donate using the donor drive.