Movie Review: The World of Zootopia

Mythili Pai, Reporter

It’s officially nearing the 7 year anniversary since the animated Disney movie Zootopia was released. Not only is this movie a fan favorite, but it was also the 4th highest grossing movie of 2016, surpassing one billion dollars in the global box office less than 5 months after its release.  

The movie follows Judy Hopps, a bunny police officer voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin and Nick, a criminal fox voiced by Jason Bateman. 

The story line starts out wholesome as we follow a bunny trying to become a police officer in a place where her kind are seen as weak and cowardly. She eventually gets her dream to turn into reality, but there are many challenges she faces even after this feat. She ends up getting a case which has been determined too hard to solve and decides to do it herself even though none of her co-workers take her seriously. This plot introduces her to a fox named Nick Wilde and, as the movie goes on, the viewers see how they go from enemies to eventually forming an unlikely duo in this mammal based world. 

The world this movie is set in, Zootropolis, is not only very realistic, but it is also very entertaining as the viewer can see the different ways certain animals interact with each other in a human-based universe. An example that many may recall included the discrimination Judy Hopps felt for being a woman in an industry that was predominantly dictated by men similar to our society today where many women feel the exact same way in male dominated fields. The creators didn’t take away from the animals natural traits which helped create the diversity the movie boasts about in the trailer and throughout the story line. 

Not only are the visuals and characters a worldwide hit, but so is the soundtrack featuring the song Try Everything by Shakira which became a quick sensation early on. The music video itself has gained over 700 million views on YouTube since its release. Unlike many Disney songs it holds a very important message for the younger audience that many can relate too.

Fans loved this universe so much that Disney released Zootopia+, a spin off show featuring characters from the original movie in late 2022. This show is a collection of short stories as many viewers were wanting a second part to this movie. It gives fans a sneak peek into how the original character lives in the present day. We see fan favorites played by the original voice actors on screen.

Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt movie with an important message or something laidback to watch for entertainment Zooptopia is the movie for you.