Editorial: Teachers Shouldn’t Have To Be Armed With Guns

Allyson Lin, Copy Editor

Recently, a national effort has been made to train and arm teachers and administration to defend themselves and their students against mass shooters. 

In the weeks after the Uvalde shooting, lawmakers in Ohio have made it easier for teachers to carry guns in school. 

Democrats, police groups, teacher unions, and gun control advocates have opposed the idea, according to The New York Times

The largest teacher unions, including the National Education Association, oppose the idea that arming teachers means bringing more guns to school. It will only create more risks. 

Polls were conducted, and 73% of students oppose the idea of teachers and staff carrying guns in schools, according to News Gallup. Six in ten teachers think it would make school less safe, and seven out of ten think carrying guns will not limit the number of victims. 

Schools need more mental health professionals, not more guns. 

Lawmakers pushing to arm teachers are hiding their failure to prevent another mass shooting and showing their unwillingness in wanting to create bills for better gun regulations.

If states are requiring their teachers to arm themselves, then they need to be able to fund their training out of their own pocket.  

Teachers are supposed to be in school teaching students, not worrying about having to protect their students with a gun against an active shooter. Protecting their students against a shooter is not their job, nor should it ever be.

School is supposed to be a safe place for teachers and staff.

School is supposed to be a place where parents don’t have to go to work every day and worry about the safety of their children.

School is supposed to be a safe place for students to be able to learn and not have to worry about witnessing and experiencing another mass shooting.

Teachers are not responsible for protecting students against an active shooter, and they should not have to be armed with guns. Contact Derry Township School District Board and let them know you do not want HHS teachers to be armed now or ever.