Movie Review: M3GAN

Cianna Stager, Reporter

Gerard Johnstone’s film “M3GAN” is by far the best movie released this year. 

“M3GAN”, filmed and produced in early July 2021, oversees the high tech friend, who becomes emotionally attached to “Cady”, played by actress Violet McGraw. This fascinating film also stars actors Allison Williams, Amie Donald, and Jenna Davis as the main voices behind the robotic “friend”.

On screen is M3GAN played by Annie Donald, the 12 year old dancer. Donald has won acclaim for her excellent acting and doll-like movements. (Universal Pictures)

This movie starts off with Gemma, a single, determined toy designer, whose life changes dramatically when given an unexpected task. When her sister and brother-in-law die in a car crash, she is given full custody of her niece. Since Gemma is often busy with work, she has little time to spend with her niece. Although this may be the case, her new creation may be perfect for this situation. 

Gemma’s largest project is a Model 3 Generative Android, aka M3GAN, that is capable of not just bonding with Cady, but providing the young girl with a true heart-to-heart connection. 

M3GAN can help as a caregiver as well, not just a friend. This robotic doll takes her job very, very seriously. She becomes way more than protective. 

When brought home, M3GAN makes sure she is the best protector for Cady. Although she seems like a perfect creation, made for comfort and friendship, there were many suspicious happenings after she was brought home. 

When the neighbor’s dog threatens Cady and injures her, there wasn’t much time until the dog’s owner was murdered in her own garage. The bully who picked on Cady at camp also faces a sudden death. Although all the murders seemed overly unnecessary, the most unexpected one was when M3GAN targeted her own family, Gemma and Cady.

These murders weren’t the only ones though. There were few more, and even more attempts, especially after she was sent back to where she was made for readjustments. 

M3GAN is an exciting and eye widening movie with bizarre moments. It becomes evident that Johnstone deserves more recognition after producing this one-of-a-kind film. With unexpected turns of events, and also comedic-horror, this movie doesn’t fail to satisfy its viewers. 

This film does hide some meaningful messages throughout. The movie actually had many positive impacts on the idea of family bonding and staying connected. It reminds the audience that it is important to rely on one another, rather than just focusing on technology.