Who is Joey Alander?

Arianna Lila, Reporter

Joey Alander, senior at Hershey High School, is a three sport athlete whose mindset on sports has changed over the years.

Alander focused on basketball from an early age, but thanks to success in recent years his focus has shifted to running. 

Joey plays on the Hershey High School basketball team in the winter, runs cross country for Hershey in the fall, and runs track for Hershey in the spring. When all of his sports are over in the summer, Joey plays basketball for PCBA Wolfpack’s team.

He joined basketball when he was in kindergarten and plays to this day. The athlete plays shooting guard and small forward.

When Joey was first starting school, he began to try to figure out what sports he was interested in. He knew he was a very athletic kid and joined a sport like basketball for this reason.

Joey’s ability to run gave him the opportunity to join cross country and track. He used both sports to keep him in shape for basketball season. His ability to run made his time on the court better to run through.

While Joey has been involved in cross country, he went to Pennsylvania states and was a top runner for Hershey High School’s team. Joey placed approximately 113th out 236 runners at states. 

Alander has been a varsity runner for the past two years and is now a captain. Although he was not the number one runner, cross country has pushed him to do his best and work harder for everything. His basketball skills have improved, his running has, and even his overall life balance.

After doing so well in his so-called “off season sports,” Joey has decided that he would like to take his quick feet to college, rather than basketball. 

Even though so many years were focused on basketball, running changed Joey’s perspective on sports. He still loves playing basketball, but his preference has shifted towards running.

“I used cross country as a way to get in shape for basketball, but my mindset changed to focusing more on running rather than basketball,” said Alander. 

Even though he is not playing college he still has a strong drive to win and put on his best performance.

Joey is captain for both the cross country and basketball teams. He feels honored and respected by his teammates after being elected to this position.

He said, “I feel like I have a strong and meaningful impact on my teammates, but also myself.”

One of Joey’s co-captains, Matthew DeDonatis, has a good influence on Joey’s basketball career. They have a passive rivalry that pushes both of them to be better. 

Adapted from the Bible, Proverbs 27:17, Alander’s favorite quote is, “Iron sharpens iron.”

He thinks that Larry Bird has played a large role in his life playing basketball too. Alander said, “Larry Bird is one of my top role models because he had a similar playing style to how perform now.” 

He also says that his Dad had a great impact on him playing because he has encouraged Joey ever since he was little.

Basketball revealed that he is incredibly competitive and hates to lose; however, there are a few changes he would like to be made to the game to help them win. He wishes the 3 point line was further back because too many people shoot threes, making it too vulnerable.

Furthermore, he believes that Hershey’s boy’s basketball team will be very strong this year. He thinks that the players get along well and work together nicely. 

“Personally, I think our team is going to do very well, and I am hoping to get another year on the banner,” said Alander.