Get crafty: How to make a bendy Christmas reindeer

Day 2 of 12 Days of Stories

Ashley Bu, Science and Technology Editor

Snowed in on Christmas, or need something to do during the holidays? Learn how to make this dynamic and flexible Christmas reindeer craft.


2 pieces of brown construction paper


Glue or tape

2 googly eyes

1 red pom-pom


  1. Trace two sets of legs and a circle on a piece of construction paper.
  2. Trace a set of antlers and two large triangles on another piece of construction paper.
  3. Cut out everything that has been traced (legs, circle, antlers, triangles.)
  4. Tape or glue the antlers and triangles behind the circle to form the base of the reindeer head.
  5. Tape or glue the googly eyes and pom-poms to form the face of the reindeer.
  6. Tape or glue one set of legs to the reindeer head.
  7. Cut out two strips of construction paper.
  8. Tape the strips together, and arrange the construction paper strips to form a perpendicular “L” shape.
  9. Fold each paper strip over the other in an alternating pattern to form the accordion reindeer body.
  10. Tape or glue the two sets of legs to opposite ends of the accordion shape.
  11. Fold over a small portion of each leg to allow the reindeer to stand.

The craft recipe is adapted from Kids Craft Room.