Wrapping up the 2022 Hershey High School Varsity Football Season

Emma Galvez, Reporter

Over the last couple years, the Hershey Trojans Varsity football team hasn’t had amazing records consistently, but just because they don’t have a great record doesn’t mean they aren’t a great team.

The 2019 and 2020 seasons had a total of 8 wins, and in 2021 they had a rough season with a 1-9 record. The Hershey Trojans have had their ups and downs, but this year was one of their best seasons in recent memory as they finished with a 5-5 record.

Sophomore Sean Elliot, who wore at times both number 33 and 50, had one of the best stat lines on the defense as he averaged 5.9 tackles per game.

Junior Angel Cabera, number 32, had very good stats to start and end the season. Cabrera finished the season averaging 62.5 yards rushing per game, 5.9 tackles per game.  He scored eight touchdowns and had a fumble recovery.

Senior Tristan Bingeman, number 54, had a great season for his last year at Hershey High School. Bingeman was a consistent force on defense with 7.7 tackles per game, 2 sacks to end his season. 

Many of the players said that they had a better season this year because of the team’s chemistry.  Another factor that they said helped was the high intensity of the practices run by Head Coach Mark Painter.

Painter said this season went better than last season because many players accepted the challenge and stepped up, such as Marcus Sweeny and Angel Cabera. He also said that there was a good growth process, but the team needed to grow their confidence to have continued success. Next season Elliot said that he thinks there is going to be a more strict weight room session.

It’s a similar story each year.  With eight or nine starting spots held by seniors this year, they’ll need to be filled by players next year.  The question is, who will step up?

Since the season is over for the Trojans, the team will start team lifting in December through February. Painter will meet with individual students to discuss next season, and help the seniors with recruitment. March through May, the whole team will meet once a week or once every two weeks as a group and will gradually intensify practices over the spring and summer. 

And one position touches the ball every play on offense and has a huge impact on the team’s success: quarterback.  Since senior quarterback Daniel Painter is graduating, there is an opportunity. Who will fill that role in the 2023 season?  

Painter’s eyes are on the incoming freshman. Although he doesn’t know who is going to be QB next season, he knows that anyone who puts the most time on the off season will have a chance. The team needs someone who will take care of the offense, not turn the ball over, and most importantly be a leader. 

Bingeman thinks Dayvone Williamson or Cam Sweeny will take the position next season. Cabera thinks Julian Sharp could also fill the quarterback position. Elliot believes that it will be anyone who puts the work in.

Painter said that over the season, “the talent level was very similar to last season, and the kids connected well.”  He hopes that next season they will come out with a better start, and faster execution with plays.

Next season there will be minor changes, but nothing major to practices or game plays. They are not planning on changing the offensive or defensive playbook either.

“It will stay the same,” said Cabrera, “but the guys becoming seniors next year will have to step up.”