Photo Essay: Hershey vs Waynesboro Football

Emma Galvez, Reporter


Daniel Painter, 4, during the 1st quarter, waits for the play call by Coach Gorley. Painter has 3 touchdowns to start off the season. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
Marcus Sweeney, 5, blocks during the first quarter. Sweeney has been receiving 136.5 yards per game so far. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
Andrew Slamans, 55, listens to Coach Sweeney at Hersheypark Stadium on Friday, September 2, 2022. Slamans had just missed a tackle against Waynesboro High School early in the second quarter. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
Daniel Painter is tackled during the 2nd quarter. The Hershey offensive line had trouble with Waynesboro’s pass rush. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
Angel Cabrera, 32, poses for the camera. To begin the season, Cabrera has had an interception. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
Maurice Collins, 6, gets handed the ball by Painter. Collins has been able to rush an average of 32.0 yards per game. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)
The two teams congratulate each other on a hard fought game. At Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey Varsity Football Team fell short against Waynesboro High School 6-13. (Broadcaster/Emma Galvez)