Companies That Give Back

Lauren Cribbs, Editor in Chief

Shopping can be a fun activity that many enjoy, but with these companies our shopping experience can come with more thought. The companies below sell a variety of different products, and focus on giving back to the community through their platform. Purchasing products through these companies supports a greater cause for the goodness of people, animals, and the environment worldwide. We can all help to make this world a better place just with a few taps on our computers. Start helping today by purchasing products from companies that give back like the ones listed below. 

1. Skylar

Cat Chen, the founder of Skylar is a first-generation American demonstrating the strength and perseverance it takes for immigrants pursuing the American dream. This drive, made creating a company that many had no hope for, possible. Chen began her quest for the perfect clean, hypoallergenic fragrance after her daughter had allergic reactions to her daily perfume. Many believed her hope for a hypoallergenic, clean, and safe for sensitive skin fragrance was impossible, but Chen proved them wrong. With an all-woman board, Skylar represents so much through the way the company is run, and the power women have in the business industry. The company doesn’t stop here, it also is good for the environment,  all of the ingredients are vegan and cruelty free. Also, the packages for these fresh scents are sustainable and eco-friendly. Along with all the good Skylar is already demonstrating, the company donates a portion of earnings to a charity each month. Step Up, NAACP, Feeding America, Global Fund for Women, and NAMI, are just a few examples of charities that receive funding from Skylar throughout the year. Skylar is a company that does not only help by donating, but also by showing the world that anything is possible with the right motivation. 


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2. Toms 

Toms was one of the first companies to indulge in the “buy one give one” donation tactic. However, recently they have decided to switch things up. Due to being on the verge of bankruptcy, Toms was unable to continue donating a pair of shoes to kids in need for every pair bought. Instead, Toms is now donating one third of their annual profits to local community organizations instead of the company Save the Children

3. Patagonia 

Patagonia is a clothing company known for their comfortable pullovers. While the company encourages exploration in the great outdoors with many of their images containing mountain climbing, and hiking, they also encourage saving the environment. Patagonia works with a charity called 1% for the Planet, which was actually created by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and  Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. The charity works with many non profit organizations and companies to raise money to put towards the environment. The companies involved with the charity donate 1% of their sales that in turn go to helping the environment. Whether big or small, it doesn’t matter, every penny counts, especially when it comes to something as important as the environment.

4. Conscious Step   

Do you have many different causes you care about, and want to help them all? Conscious Step is the place to shop. Conscious step sells various sock designs that each represent a different cause. Throughout the years $811,655 has been donated to various charities including Trees for the Future, Best Friends Aminal Society, The Trevor Project, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Oceana, and many more. Along with the donations made from the sock sales, Couscous Step is also a company involved in 1% for the Planet, which is a environmental charity that companies donate 1% of their national earnings to. There are so many sock designs to choose from, and they are made out of vegan-cotton which is comfortable and good for the environment. This company raises awareness for many different causes, and it deserves a look, check it out!  

5. Tacha 

If you are into face care you probably know about Tacha, and their water cream (one of their popular moisturizers). What you may not be aware of, is the impact they make on the world. With every purchase, young girls around the world are getting put through school. Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures fund was created in 2014 by Tacha to raise money to provide books to underserved communities. Education is a chain reaction that can change and influence the future. Girls especially are impacted by education because they are more likely to not get married at an early age, have less kids, and make higher wages. Tacha works with Room to Read, and their mission is to change the world through education.  As of April 30, 2022, Tacha has helped to provide 6,478,569 days of school and 208,148 books for the Girls’ Education Program.    

6. 4 Ocean 

4 Ocean is a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation which means they are committed to their promise of ending the plastic crisis. For every purchase of one of 4 Ocean products (bracelets, water bottles, beach towels, beach chairs, etc) a pound of plastic is taken out of the ocean. There are cleanup divisions from 4 Ocean in Florida, Bali, Haiti, and Guatemala ready to remove plastic from several different bodies of waters. Plastic debris injures and kills millions of marine life through ingestion and strangling a year. Through this company, they are raising awareness for the plastic crisis and actively acting to solve it. 4 Ocean is another company that contributes to 1% for the Planet, an organization created by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. 

7. The Right to Shower 

The Right to Shower sells body wash and bar soaps that are good for the body, and environment. The soaps are made with natural cleaners, organic ingredients, and packaged with recycled packaging. While they sell soap, they also give it away. This company draws attention to the homeless community, and encourages good hygiene practices. By committing 30% of all profits to mobile showers, The Right to Shower, makes showering accessible, for they believe, “access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right.” Supplying accessible showers to the homeless is meant to bring dignity and acceptance to them, and improve health & well-being.  Sense of living should not be limited because of a lack of access to a shower, so The Right to Shower took action to prevent this. 

There are many more companies out there that use their platform for good. When shopping, be more conscious about what your purchase can mean for someone else. Make sure to check out these companies, and look for more, cause there are many!