Harry Styles announces third album: Harry’s House

Elizabeth Vojt, Reporter

Harry Styles announced his third studio album on March 23rd. The new album, titled Harry’s House, will be released on May 20th.

It is rumored that the album will contain 13 tracks, which is more than either of his first two albums have. 

Joni Mitchell, a popular artist of the 70’s, has a song titled Harry’s House. Styles is a known fan of Mitchell, but whether the song influenced the name of his album is unsure. Either way, Mitchell has given Styles her seal of approval.

Along with Styles’ social media announcement posts, there is also a 40-second trailer for the album. In the trailer, he walks onto a stage as the outline of a yellow house rises up around him.

Fans have been speculating about the announcement of this album for weeks now, starting with the appearance of the You Are Home website and social media accounts. The website, youarehome.co leads to nothing but a blank door, with different images behind the door every day.