HHS Club Helping Women, Period! Starts Menstrual Mondays


Ella Yurick, Reporter

Despite being a part of half the world’s population’s lives, periods are often denounced, so Helping Women, Period! is working to destigmatize them!

Menstrual Mondays is a new weekly event the club is starting that wants to work towards normalizing experiences and taking away any shame from periods. 

On Mondays, they will be posting stories that were sent in on their Instagram account. These submissions can recount times where something made someone feel ashamed of their period or simply be funny period experiences. 

Helping Women, Period! is a Hershey High School club, but their story submissions are open to all. They also emphasize that people can either share their name or choose to remain anonymous.

The form to submit stories is located on their website and in the bio of their instagram page.

The club typically works to deliver period products to women’s shelters and to anyone in need because of the large number of people who are unable to afford the necessary supplies. Their website has a list of products that they are accepting and where to deliver your donations.