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20 Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes

October 8, 2021

  1. Olivia Rodrigo

Whether it’s the “good 4 u” music video cheerleader outfit, or the plaid set from her White House appearance, this costume will be a fan favorite for 2021.

     2. Dua Lipa

Dua’s iconic Grammy’s performance earlier this year is the perfect idea for a Halloween costume. The pink sparkly two-piece set will be catching attention all night. 

     3. Britney Spears

Between the “…Baby one more time” school girl outfit, her VMA’s eccentric snake outfit, or the red catsuit from the “Oops!… I did it again” music video, there are so many iconic Britney looks to recreate. 

    4. Harry Styles

With his unforgettable ‘Fine Line’ album photo, the high-waisted white button pants and pink blouse will be recognized immediately on Halloween. 

    5. Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

With this all-pink legally blonde costume, you’ll be one step closer to Harvard Law. Elle’s classic pink matching set, pink heels, blonde hair and pink dog carrier will have you recognized in minutes. 

6. Pitbull  costumes are definitely trending “worldwide” right now, and it’s one of the easier costumes to recreate. A white button-up, black pants, sunglasses and a bald cap is all you need to become Mr. 305 this Halloween.

    7. Spice Girls

While this works better as a group costume with 5 individuals, the cheetah print ‘Scary Spice’ or British flag dress as ‘Ginger Spice’ would work just as well by itself.

    8. Paris Hilton 

In order to portray the icon Paris Hilton, all you need is a pink tracksuit, some sunglasses, and a flip phone to recreate this early 2000’s look. If you want to go all out, you can carry around a stuffed animal dog to play her pampered pup, “Prince”.

    9. Kim Kardashian

Kim has so many iconic looks to choose from, but some fan favorites are always her met gala looks, her Y2K fashion phase, and her black dress, champagne inspired magazine cover.

Pro Tip: Get one of your friends to dress up as Paris Hilton, and you two are now the iconic Hollywood duo.

   Harley Quinn

 The Suicide Squad character is definitely one of the best looks to recreate, with lots of different variations to pick from. The classic white graphic tee, red and blue jacket, black tights, and red lipstick is a fan favorite, and you can add some blue and red hair extensions for an extra accessory.

    11. Space Jam

With the recent release of the new Space Jam movie, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny would make perfect costumes for this halloween. All you need are the t-shirt and shorts, some bunny ears, and a basketball to become part of the “Tune Squad” team this year

    12. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

With crowns, satin gloves, pearls and a dress is all you need to turn yourselves into the royal family for the night. This couples costume will also guarantee you the best Halloween pictures. Add a british accent for Harry, and you’re basically royalty.

    13. Suni Lee 

All you need is an American inspired leotard, a gold medal, and your hair in a tight bun to look like this olympian gymnast on Halloween. And if its cold, you can always wear her white warm up tracksuit over top of the leotard.

    14. Emma Chamberlain

With her style constantly evolving over the years, Chamberlain’s different fashion phases would make the perfect group costume for you and your friends. A brandy melville inspired outfit, one of her thrifted looks, and her gold met gala dress would all make perfect costumes for 2021.

    15. Cruella Deville

With Disney’s live action rendition of Cruella coming out earlier this year, this villain is the perfect costume, especially if you have some friends dressed as dalmatians by your side. 

   16. Selena Quintanilla 

The classic maroon jumpsuit will be a fan favorite this Halloween especially if it’s paired with a long dark wig and a microphone. This is also the perfect excuse to live out your childhood dreams of being a superstar this spooky season. 

    17. Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow

After Disney’s release of the new Black Widow movie this year, dressing up in one of Romanoff’s fightsuits would be such a power-move this year. Add a red wig, and you’re one step closer to becoming Scarlette Johansson.

    18. Simon & Daphne

With a 1800’s inspired dress, a powdered wig, satin gloves and a hand-held fan for Daphne, and a 19th century suit for Simon, you and your partner will be voted best dressed this Halloween.

   19. Cher & Dionne – Clueless

Cher & Dionne costumes would be the best duo costume for you and your best friend, with their iconic plaid matching sets. The knee-high socks and red/yellow outfits will make you the stars of the show on Halloween

    20. Serena & Blair – Gossip Girl

This classic BFF duo always tops the charts on Halloween, as their schoolgirl uniform variations are unique and easy to recreate. The uniforms consist of a white button up, plaid skirt, loosened blue tie, with a matching headband for Blair, and messy hair for Serena.

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