Hershey High School 2021 Theme Week

Emily Donegan, A&E

Last week HHS students showed their excitement for this year’s Homecoming by participating in spirit days. 

The spirit week kicked off on Monday starting with hat day. Students were attending school in anything from baseball hats or cowboy hats to full on somreros.

Showing off their festive hats are Maria De La Paz (Senior), Sophia Niel (Junior), and Cecilia Pickle (Junior). The girls created lots of school spirit. (Emily Donegan/Broadcaster)

Following hat day was tacky tourist day. This was a more uncommon theme, but it yielded incredible outfits from students. Many people rocked Hawaiian shirts with a nice pair of shades, and other people like Melissa Voyles, Senior, went all out.

Creating a well thought out tacky tourist outfit is Melissa Voyles (Senior). This outfit was hard to top. (Emily Donegan/ Broadcaster) 

Moving through the week we land on Wednesday. This day was all about music genres. Each class was assigned a different type of genre and it was their job to fully embrace it. 

Seniors dressed in their best Rock attire while juniors yeehaw through the day in their country get ups. You could find Sophomores getting groovy in their disco outfits and last but not least freshmen were decked out in pop clothes.

Decorating their faces takes Maria De La Paz (Senior), Emma Taylor (Senior), Sophia Howe (Senior), and Melissa Voyle’s (Senior) KISS costume to the next level. The girls went all out for this spirit day. (Emily Donegan/Broadcaster). 

Next up each class participated in color wars. Seniors were decked out in all black while juniors brightened up the halls in their yellow outfits. You could not miss the sophomore class in their bright pink and freshmen in purple.

Sitting at lunch in their black out clothing is Emma Wildasin (Senior), Lydia Zarefoss (Senior), Mia Bertoldi (Senior) Dario Guillen (Senior) and Harley Houle (Senior). This group wanted to win the color wars for the seniors. (Emily/Donegan

Masking up in all black is Senior Hannah Yoder. She was decked out in black from mask to socks. (Emily Donegan/Broadcaster). 

To wrap up Homecoming spirit days, the entire school showed off their trojan pride by representing Hershey’s iconic blue and orange colors. Homecoming/Bean shirts were worn on Friday for the big game vs Milton Hershey.

Finishing off the week in their cocoa bean shirts are Cam Cooney (Senior), Ayden Bertoldi (Senior), Ian McGorty (Junior) and Emily Moss (Sophomore). These four were pumped for the Bean Bowl that night. (Emily Donegan/Broadcaster).