Online tutoring demand remains strong

Allyson Lin, World and Breaking News Editor

During the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of the 2021 school year, parents found themselves struggling with being able to teach their own kids. So, they turned to online tutoring. 

Online tutoring companies have experienced boosts in revenue from the pandemic. Parents are looking for helpful ways to fill the gaps that the education system might leave for their kids.

According to NBC News, Outschool is one of the most popular online tutoring services in America. It was found that Outschool classes offered both smaller and more engaging online classes. They also offer subjects that aren’t as traditional as in-school learning.

Due to all of the parents that enrolled their kids in the online tutoring class, Outschool’s market is booming. Their industry in 2018, they were only worth $4.2 billion. In 2020, it was worth more than $5.6billion. That’s an increase of 33 percent in just two years. 

Outschool offers a range of classes from enrichment to entertainment. 

The effectiveness of online classes is something education experts want to learn more about. 

Mathew Kraft, a professor at Brown University said that he can see the potential of online tutoring but that it just needs more attention. “There is a reasonable bet that online tutoring can be highly effective.”