Celebrate World Oceans Day

Maeve Reiter, Social Media Editor

World Oceans Day, which is celebrated this year on June 8, has been ongoing since the Ocean Project started it in 2002. 

The Atlantic Ocean viewed from space. The ocean covers 71% of the globe, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). (NASA Johnson)

According to the Ocean Project, their main goal is to raise awareness and money to protect and clean up the world’s oceans, as well as give young people a leadership platform to be introduced to the world of environmental protection.

The ocean helps produce the oxygen we breathe, regulates our climate, and gives life to millions of species, according to National Today. It is incredibly vital to human life, and it has to be protected in order to sustain us. That is why World Oceans Day was founded.

Different aquariums, zoos, and museums around the world host events furthering this cause, all with a focus on sustainability and protecting the environment and the ocean for future generations.

Events for World Oceans Day include plays, films, art exhibits, and workshops. Creating events or finding ones nearby can be completed in a few short steps on the World Oceans Day website to help plan for June 8!