Celebrate National Ice Cream Day


National Ice Cream Day falls on the third Sunday in July each year. Those choosing to celebrate have numerous options of ice cream shops participating in National Ice Cream Day. (Photo By Stewart’s Shops)

Keela Delves, News Editor

As we progress through summer, many people find themselves in search of a sweet treat to cool them down in the summer heat. A combination of a wacky national day and a sweet treat is sure to make this summer enjoyable. Arguably the most delicious of national days, national ice cream day, falls on July 18th for all to enjoy. In honor of national ice cream day, here are some local and regional ice cream shops. 

King Kone Creamery

Located in Hummelstown, King Kone Creamery is a staple location for local ice cream lovers. Serving 14 signature dishes and many varieties of ice cream flavors, there is something for everyone. King Kone Creamery serves milkshakes, soft serve, sundaes and more all for a reasonable price.

Phillip Arthur’s Cafe

Posted by Phillip Arthur’s Cafe and Brick Oven Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Sunday, July 19, 2020


Located in downtown Hershey, Phillip Arthur’s Cafe serves many flavors of ice cream as well as a variety of sundaes. This location serves a multitude of sundaes that are namesakes of the surrounding high school mascots. With a sundae called the LD Falcon and the Hershey Trojan, showing school spirit has never been more delicious. 

Annie’s Soft Ice Cream

Annie’s Soft Ice Cream of Palmyra is a soft serve must. Serving soft serve, sundaes, slushies, and hot dogs, Annie’s has it all. The array and customization of Annie’s ice cream leaves customers with so many options to choose from at a reasonable price. Because there is no inside dining, customers can enjoy their ice cream in the warm weather.