What Makes Ivy League Schools So Special?

The Ivy League schools are infamous for being an elite group of prestigious colleges. but what makes them so special compared to other universities? Let’s take a look. 

There are eight Ivy League schools, and they are all located in the northeastern United States. They are Harvard, Brown, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Cornell. 

One of the main things that these schools have in common is their history. Seven out of the eight Ivy League schools were established before the American Revolution, and only 9 schools in the US hold that title. This means that the Ivy Leagues are some of the oldest schools in our country, and that history holds power. 

Today, these elite schools are well-known for their academic excellence, and low acceptance rates. However, the reason they first came together may surprise you. These eight schools originally joined in 1954 to form a sports league. The Ivy league is part of the NCAA, but over time the Ivy League name has become more associated with the academics within the schools, rather than athletics. 

Another question you might ask is ,”Why are the Ivy League schools so desirable?”

While many other universities can deliver a great education, these elite schools have tradition, legacy, and history under their belt, which come with lots of added benefits. Because of its legacy, the alumni of the school are very generous with financial donations, causing the school to afford the top innovations, technology, and faculty. 

Some of the brightest minds and important historical figures have graduated from Ivy League colleges, which makes them even more desirable to students. Many Former U.S. presidents have attended these schools, such as John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and many more. Many successful celebrities are also graduates of the Ivies, like Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, and Jeff Bezos.

The social aspect also adds to the exclusive effect of these prestigious schools, as well. Anyone who knows anything about the Ivy Leagues knows that these schools are extremely difficult to get accepted to, and are very expensive to attend. The elite stereotype that comes with the words Ivy League definitely adds to its exclusive reputation. 

In the end, the reasoning being the Ivy League’s elite standing is a mix between the Impressive Alumni, Long History, and Advanced Technology at the colleges. Other than that, these eight schools are very similar to all other colleges and universities in many ways.