Teacher temporarily relieved after attending the U.S. Capitol riots

Ella Yurick

A pending investigation is underway about a staff member’s position after it was released that they took part in the D.C. riots. 

On Thursday January 7th, Thomas Parker, the Superintendent of Allentown School District, released a letter regarding an unnamed teacher’s involvement in the event in Washington D.C. that occured the day prior. The teacher has been temporarily suspended from their position until the district has completed a formal investigation.

Parker wrote in the letter that, “We understand that many members of our community are upset by the image. At the same time, the district has an obligation to respect the First Amendment rights of our staff and students.”

No further information about the “image” was disclosed, but he acknowledged the emotion brought up from the controversial event, and how it led to the teacher’s temporary removal. 

He mentioned the effects of the actions in the U.S. Capitol Building may have had on the students.

“It occurred at a time when we are already grappling with the impacts of a global pandemic that has affected the health and livelihood of families throughout our community. Yesterday’s events have added to the confusion and uncertainty our students are experiencing during this unprecedented time.”

Parker reminded the staff to, “think carefully about what they share online and how it could affect their students and fellow community members. While we all have the right to express ourselves, it is important to do so respectfully.”

As reported by The Morning Call, Parker and the school board president, Nancy Wilt, will not provide more information on the identity of the teacher.

There have been multiple opinions posted on the Allentown School District’s Facebook page about agreements and disagreements concerning the situation.