Editorial: America Needs to Stand Alongside Hong Kong Protesters

Brooke Lehrman, Reporter

Being arrested for wearing a facemask, being shot for trying to set up a roadblock, and having tear gas shot at citizens for protesting are all actions that the Hong Kong police force has taken against protesters in Hong Kong. During the past few months, many citizens of Hong Kong are protesting for their freedom of speech and assembly.

America needs to get involved and stand by Hong Kong in the fight for their rights.

Since Hong Kong was a colony of London from 1841 to 1941 and again from 1945 to 1997, many westernized freedoms have been practiced there for generations. Now that China is pushing their communist ideals on Hong Kong, many citizens disagree with them and are fighting back in order to keep their freedoms. Standing with people who want the same freedoms as Americans is an important step the USA needs to take.

In 1984, Britain made a deal with China that Hong Kong would return to them in 1997, and there would be a principle of “one country, two systems,” according to the BBC. However, many self-acclaimed “Hong Kongers” feel the pressure that China is putting on them to accept and follow the same socialist governing. 

The University of Hong Kong found through surveys that only 11% of “Hong Kongers” would consider themselves as Chinese, and 71% of people say that they are not proud of being Chinese citizens.

According to the Washington Post, 68% of Hong Kong citizens report police using excessive force. Many people living in Hong Kong are under the impression that Hong Kong’s police are working with the Chinese government because of how harshly the police are dealing with the protesters. 

Hong Kong needs support in its fight to not be absolutely controlled by China’s government. As a prime example of freedom and revolting against an oppressive government, it is important that America takes Hong Kong’s side on this issue despite the risk of angering China.

Fight For Hong Kong’s Freedom, a fundraiser on the Go Get Funding Website, is raising money for supplies such as first aid kits, saline, gas masks, and goggles to protect protesters. Donate to this site in order to show support for those fighting for the freedoms they deserve.