Editorial: Time Zones Should No Longer Exist

Dan Hogan, Reporter

Two babies can be born at the exact same time but have different birthdays. Because of time zones, the babies would technically be born on different days even though their birth occurred at the same moment. 

Time zones should be abolished because of the problems with frequent travel, health problems, and geographic issues.

Time zones have become obsolete because of the frequent travel across the globe that occurs today. One large problem exists at the north and south poles, where all time zones could possibly apply. This is because the lines of longitude used to separate time zones all come together at the poles. According to World Time Server, time zones matter little in the poles due to the 24 hour sunlight or darkness during the summer or winter. This shows the uselessness of time zones at the highest and lowest latitudes. 

Now that people have spent time in space and the possibilities for doing so are only increasing, time zones mean even less. According to NASA, during space explorations, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used to improve communications with Earth and have a uniform system of time while in space. This way, it is easier for the astronauts on the exploration and the mission directors on the ground to communicate with each other. Since the people in space will be in no particular time zone, it makes sense to use a standardized time recognized across the world rather than attempt to conform to one of many.

Time zones can also cause health problems. Studies suggest that living on the western side of a time zone border can result in an increase of diseases, according to The Conversation. People have to get up while it is still dark outside, as a result, they are using more artificial light. Science Daily explains that constantly waking up in the dark disrupts circadian rhythms, causing these illnesses. If time zones were to be abolished, the frequency of these diseases would decrease.

If time zones are removed, there will need to be a replacement. A 24 hour clock recognized around the world would be logical, because of humans’ natural 24 hour circadian rhythm. UTC is the most efficient alternative because everyone on Earth would always be on the same time and there would be no confusion.

According to Time.Is, many countries already use UTC in some way, so why not totally abolish time zones and implement UTC as the world-wide standard? 

Contact your government here officials about getting rid of time zones. Inform them about what is wrong with this system and why UTC should be used instead of many different time zones. This new system would be more convenient and healthier for everyone.