Kit Kat Win in HHS Broadcaster Survey of Students’ Favorite Halloween Candies

Emma Quillen and Kate LaCoe

Halloween season is in full-swing, and you know what that means: candy.

To celebrate this spooky season, The Broadcaster surveyed Hershey High School students, asking them to rank Halloween-classics from their most to least favorite.

Pictured is a graph of the full results of the Halloween Candy Survey conducted October 5-10, 2019. Kit Kat and Twix were the clear winners. (Broadcaster/Robert Sterner)

HHS Students voted Kit Kat as their favorite, and Licorice as their least favorite. Candies such as Sour Patch Kids and Skittles fell in the middle range. 

Junior Caroline Corcoran was not surprised by this year’s winner. “Of course I’m not surprised. I mean, they’re the best!”

Happy Halloween from The Broadcaster!